A. Questions about Photobook:

1/ What kind paper does Photostory use for printing photobook?
Click here for more information: http://photostory.vn/photobook_product.php

2/ Will my Photobook's come in a box?
Yes, any photobooks value over 300,000 VND, comes with a protective Kraft box.

3) Can I order print samples from Photostory?
Unfortunately Photostory does not give out print samples; however, you can order our Photogift product to catch a glimpse of the details, image quality and paper quality Photostory uses.

4) Reimbursing policy:
PhotoStory shall not be held responsible if you do not like the actually look of the product compared to when you designed it ( inlcuding Photobooks, Photogifts, Canvas, personalized stationery and others due to fault/changing design when you design your own product yourselves).

B.Question about Photobook online booking:

1) Shall I sign in online to design and purchase my own products?
We encourage you to have your account on our site. This will help you save your own designed products directly for saving time.
Furthermore, you can also make and buy your products online without signing in as member. Nevertheless, your work will not be saved on our sever if there's any unexpected disconnection.

2) Will I lose any my account information when I sign into another computer?
Your work will be updated page by page during the design stage. When you sign into computer A, your designed products on computer B will not appear on computer A. You should use computer B to finish your project.

3/ How can I place my photobook order?
You can order via our online platform www.photostory.com or contact us at (dathang@phototostory.vn) if you require further assistance.

4) How can see my online orders status?
You’ll receive an email once all payments has gone through successfully.

5/ How long does it take us to complete your order?
We aim to dispatch your Photobook order within 10 days, once payment is received. This is because our Photobook is handmade so the process does take a while; Please send us an email at donhang@photostory.vn for your delivery status in case that you still haven't received your products after 20 days from when you placed your orders.

6/ Can I cancel my purchase after making orders and how?
You won't be able to cancel your purchase after taking order and completing your payment because once you finish your payment, your orders will be in manufacturing process shortly in order to accomplish your products on time. This means we will have already produce your orders.

7/ I forgot my password, how can I get one?
Ours applications will ask you for your registration email address and send you a confirmative mail with your new password.

9/ Can I change my design after placing an order?
We're sorry you can't once payments has gone through.

10/ I have a discount voucher, but I forgot to use it during checkout. Can I use it after checked out?
We're sorry you can't. But you may use them for your the next order as long as it has not gone past the expiry date.

11/ I made many orders at different times, can I receive all my products at the same time?
Each order has its own manufacturing and delivery schedule. We will try to gather your products in same shipment as possible.

C.Question about how to use online apps.

1/ Do I have to download PhotoStory's apps or can use it online?
Online completely. You can click on "create design" button or link:http://photostory.vn/design/ to start your creative odyssey.

2) What is the required standard of photos used for online application?
Our applications will warn you when your photos' quality doesn't meet its required standard.

3) While creating designs online, how can I undo my last actions?
You ought to use Undo task appearing on working screen. Undo task, in addition, is quite useful if you change your mind again and want to return to your initial design.

4) Does PhotoStory's Photobook design application have photo adjustment functions?
Our online design application has some convenient photo adjustment functions as modifying exposure, shadow, color, contrast to help you make your design sharper.
We recommend that you adjust your photos before creating your design with more professional programs eg photoshop

5) Can I increase or decrease the default number of pages that Photobook application has?
Yes you can increase or decrease the number of pages of Photobook application, but not exceed or below the maximum or minimum according to each kind of Photobook. Our templates allows you to increase 4 pages at one time for thread binding and 2 pages each time for other methods.

6) How to type in Vietnamese?
Our online designed software has various fonts which support Unicode to write Vietnamese. You'll encounter some difficulties because of your current typing Vietnamese software on your computer. For example: Unikey, a typing Vietnamese software, you try to adjust setting in option box, see this Figure : ... Note: you DO NOT chose: "Always use clipboard for unicode"

7) Why don't I see my chosen picture when I change computer?
Our application does not save your chosen photos online. It just 'scans' your photo chosen from your computer and makes it appear on the screen. Photobook application updates the whole completed design page not separate photo to work faster.

8/ Which web browser should I use to create my design?
PhotoStory's online application can be used on Corom.com.vn, Firefox, Chrome, Window Explorer, Safari on MAC OS or Window. However, it needs Flash to run.

9/ I am not good at designing my product, does PhotoStory provide design support?
We have invested a lot of time in providing you with the most basic and user friendly templates and believe that you will enjoy using it.

10/ Can I change the design of the cover page?
If you don't want to use our default cover pages, you can select "Personalised cover". In case you choose our existing designs that already have a cover page, you only can insert you photo in some fixed places, but not changing the whole pages. This is to ensure the general aesthetic of our product.

11/ Can I preview my photobook online when I finish it before printing?
You can choose our "preview" function at the right corner of the screen.

12/ How does PhotoStory ensure the privacy of client's photo used to make their design?
All pictures you used to design photo books is yours. PhotoStory will not use these pictures of your design for any other purpose. However, you can share your designs on our site or other social websites that we joined by sending us a request email. We can help you share your designs to many people worldwide.

13/ Can I create my designs on smartphone, ipad, tablet?
You must have Flash on these devices to use our application. If it doesn't, you can download Flash or Flashfox for free on your devices.

14/ How about there is wrong spelling?
Please read and preview your design carefully before making order. We do not compensate for this problem.

15/ Do I have to take orders as soon as I finish my design?
You can finish your design and change it as long as you can. In case you want to change your design after taking order, please see question: "Can I change my design after placing order?".

16/ While I was working on PhotoStory application, I went to other websites to get my photo; however, when I turned back, it drove me out of working?
Our application's maximum standby period is just 2 hours. If it exceeds, our application will close automatically to protect your private photos.

D.Questions about taking photos form PC or social sites.

1/ How can I connect to Facebook, Instagram, Picasa or Flickr fast and correctly?
You should open a web browser (such as Corom.com.vn, Firefox, Chrome, or Window Explorer) and logn in your account first.Then use the same web browser to run our application, so our application can connect with the right accounts.

2/ Can I use many social websites while creating my design at the same time?
Our application give you authorization to not only get photos directly from some social website like Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Flickr but also from your webcam or other sources.

3/ Do photos from facebook meet the required quality of the application?
These photos usually have a low memory size that isn't appropriate for large printing. There will be red sign to inform you that your picture is not qualified for the printing so you can adjust the sizes or replace them.

4/ Can I use my tagged photos from facebook?
No, our application only accept photos form your own album on your facebook.

5/ Do photos from different websites have the same quality?
The quality of photos depends on the camera used to take them. Almost all photos on social websites don't have high qualities. Our application will warn you if the photos does not meet the required standard.

6/ What is the required quality of photos for canvas?
It depends on the size of canvas. Basically, the larger size, the higher the resolution required.
In the case the resolution is too low you will get a warning; alternative is to combine more than one photo in a canvas using our choices of templates.

7/ Recommended photo size?
Photos with a high resolution can be zoomed in and printed well. Photos (taken with mobilephones or sync with Facebook, Instagram, Picassa, Fickr) may not be appropriate to the size of A5 or lager size but can be printed well with a smaller size. You will see red sign to inform you that your picture is not suitable for the printing so you can adjust the sizes or replace them.

E.Question about payment methods

1/ Do I pay before or after receiving my product?
You must pay before we can begin to make your products.

2) What method of payment does PhotoStory accept?
You can pay in cash, bank account or credit card.

3) What could I do in case I am not satisfied with my product?
PhotoStory always try our best to make your product perfectly. In the event that you are not satisfied with your product, please send us an email at trahang@photostory.vn with an attached photo of your product. You ought to tell us your problems. We will consider and make decision of compensation or making another one.

4) Can I have an alternative product if there is fault in the manufacture period?
We are committed to making an alternative when there is our fault in the manufacture period only if you inform us of your problem within one month and return the faulty product back. In this case, we need the exact photos that we used initially. If you don't have an account with us, we are not able to retrieve the original photos and won't be able to make another one for you. Therefore, we strongly recommend you have an account on our website to place your order.
Our staff will contact you within 5 working-days after receiving your query.

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